About the tempered glass with printing

Tempered glass is a material that, due to its attractiveness and functionality, gains more and more important place in the interior design. It is safe, affordable, reflects the light and gives the impression of depth in the space. It can be used in your bathroom, kitchen or any other room. Tempered glass is long lasting, easy to clean, comes in various colors with limitless design patterns. Main advantages of the tempered glass, comparing to tiles, regular glass and other commonly used materials, are:


Tempered glass cannot retain bacteria. It is stainless and extremely easy to maintain..


The tempered glass we use is of the clean appearance (Ultra Clear) with high light transmittance. The greenish tone of the glass is lost during the production process.


There are no grouts to clean; that means that there is no place where bacteria could retain and spread.


Without noise, dirt or chaos, installation takes just a short period of time and the kitchen is instantly ready for use. All adaptations are known at the time of measuring, so the space for sockets or other similar elements has already been provided for, prior to installation.

Limitless Design

Whatever you imagine, whatever style of your remaining interior might be, we can print everything on the tempered glass.


LED illumination makes the effect of the printing on the tempered glass completely different.

Resistance of the tempered glass

Tempered glass is four to five times more resistant to impact than the common (Flot) glass, minimal pressure allowed is 120 N/mm², while the breaking point is 165N/mm². Common glass brakes under pressure of 40N/mm². Tempered glass is also thermally resistant, as it can resist extremely high temperatures (220°c).

Resistance of printing

Unlike foil, digital printing is heat resistant, it is durable and there is not any possibility of damage during cleaning, since printing is carried out on the back side.


In the extreme cases of breaking, tempered glass does not break as the common one; it breaks into lots of small round pieces, hence avoiding the possibility of injuries.