1. How can I know what the expenses will be?

You can use our calculator to calculate the approximate costs; you will know the final costs after the free measuring

2. What is the price of the tempered glass with printing for the kitchen?

The price (measuring and installation included) is €139 per square meter on the territory of Belgrade.

3. When should the payment be made?

You do not have to pay the whole amount upon the arrangement of works, you can pay 50% after the installation.

4. Can the printing be in one color?

Yes, tempered glass can look exactly how you decide.

5. Can you provide the design?

Of course, we are there for you, should you need any suggestion.

6. Can you make holes for the power sockets?

Yes. And that is one of the advantages of the tempered glass. Everything is made in one piece and the place for power sockets is preordained. There is no cutting nor mess during the installation.

7. Is the tempered glass with printing heat resistant?

Yes, the printing and the glass are resistant to high temperatures.

The heat will not damage the glass above your stove.

8. Can the tempered glass have the curved shape?

Yes, you may choose the shape and the whole outlook.

9. What is the thickness of the tempered glass you use?

We usually use tempered glass, 6mm thick for kitchen. If you have different needs, the glass can be thicker (8mm, 10mm, 12 mm, etc.).

10. How flat does the wall need to be?

The wall on which the glass is installed can have deviation of 2 or 3 mm, it does not have to be completely flat.

11. Can tempered glass be installed over the existing tiles?

It depends on the current state of the existing tiles, but it is possible in most of the cases.

12. How are the glass edges processed?

Edges are honed and they do not pose any danger.

13. Do you make entire kitchens?

Yes, we do. We have a person who can make the whole design and outlook to suit your needs and wishes.